Bring Proactive Security to Your Organization

Active! zone SS brings the latest security protection driven by AI to your organization.

3 Layers Of Protection

    Antivirus / AntiSPAM

    Antivirus and AntiSPAM serves as the first layer of protection for your organization.

    Targeted Attacks / Zero-Day

    AI Driven Sandbox technology protects your organization against Targeted Attacks and Zero-Day vulnerabilities.

    CDR / Geo-fencing

    Content Disarm and Reconstruction(CDR) provides you with the capability to sanitize contents before it reaches your environment, thereby neutralizing any threat before it can even be started.

Main Features

  1. Antivirus/AntiSPAM

    Active!zoneSS provides you with all the necessary foundation level security coverage that you can get today as part of your traditional email security with our Antivirus and AntiSPAM protection.

  2. Targeted Attacks

    Through our Sandbox Technology, we can detect and detonate Targeted Attacks in a locked down environment. Removing the threats before it reaches your email environment.

  3. Zero-Day

    Our advance next generation Big-Data and AI Detection platform have the capability to eliminate Zero-Day vulnerabilities in your email… You keep your email 5 to 10 years or more without the worry that it may be infected with Zero-Day waiting for an attack to happen.

  4. Geo-fencing/GeoIP

    Our intelligent Geo Fencing/GeoIP technology protects your environment by detecting relevance of sender source and rejecting anomalies.

  5. Next Generation CDR

    Our advance content disarm and reconstruction technology is capable of disarming many types of file types at lightning speed, it works transparently to ensure only cleaned files gets into your environment.

  6. Advanced Sandbox

    Our unique sandbox technology automatically detects and disarm dangerous targeted attacks and Zero-day threats through behavioral analysis, Ai neural network analysis and verification.